How It Works

When you sign up for Spindletop Box, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected artisan products from all over the state of Texas. Not only do you get to enjoy these products but you get to support these small Texas businesses you may have otherwise never known existed.  

Step 1

Sign Up!

How much of Texas would you like to discover? Choose month to month, 3 months, or a 6 month subscription, skip or cancel anytime. Any decision you make helps support small Texas businesses.  

Step 2

We prepare the box!

Each month we curate different small-batch, handcrafted products around a fun and exciting theme. Then, we hand stamp each box and carefully package the Spindletop Box just for you.

Step 3

Discover Texas!

 We ship our boxes on the 5th of every month that includes artisan products, ranging from bath and body essentials, food items, to novelty home goods. So kick back and discover Texas in the comfort of your own home.

With 268,597 square miles, Texas has more to offer than you have time to explore.  Spindletop Box allows you to discover the handcrafted products Texas artisans are crafting in the tucked away corners and back roads of this great state. 

Here at Spindletop Box we only share products that highlight the spirit of small business and Texas pride.  Found only through word of mouth and local markets, our products allow you to experience the diverse culture of Texas in the comfort of your home. 

With a variety of hand picked products delivered right to your door, you will receive handcrafted goods ranging from novelty home items, bath and body essentials, to that new favorite hot sauce or canned good.

Not only does your subscription to Spindletop Box allow you to discover products you would otherwise never known about, but you are also supporting the small entrepreneurial love and passion of Texas artisans.

Start discovering Texas today!