About Us

Our mission is simple...

To put great handcrafted products from Texas small businesses in as many hands as possible. 

As born and bred Texans we are proud of our state and the people in it and we know you are too. So sign up for the Spindletop Box and help support your local Texas small business. 

Are you ready to discover Texas?

With 268,597 square miles, Texas has more to offer than you have time to explore. Spindletop Box allows you to discover the handcrafted products Texas artisans are crafting in the tucked away corners and back roads of this great state. Here at Spindletop Box we only share products that highlight the spirit of small business and Texas pride. Found only through word of mouth and local markets, our products allow you to experience the diverse culture of Texas in the comfort of your home. With a variety of hand picked products delivered right to your door, you will receive handcrafted goods ranging from novelty home items, bath and body essentials, to that new favorite hot sauce or canned good.

Not only does your subscription to Spindletop Box allow you to discover products you would otherwise never know about, but you are also supporting the small entrepreneurial love and passion of Texas artisans.

The Spindletop Story...

Spindletop was an oil field located in the south eastern portion of Texas. There had been much suspicion about there being oil under Spindletop Hill, however, it was thought to be impossible to drill. The Hamil brothers, young, ambitious and known as some of the best oil drillers in the business took over drilling Spindletop hill. What they soon learned was the water pumped into the well was too thin to keep the sandy walls from collapsing, their solution…mud. On January 10th, 1901 after drilling for two months Spindletop erupted and changed the face of America forever. The geyser that came out of the oil derrick shot 180 feet into the air and produced oil at an estimated rate of 80,000 barrels per day for nine days straight. Within a year over 500 oil companies had been created including Chevron Corporation, Gulf Oil, and Texaco.

In the spirit of this story, 117 years later, we are drilling and searching all over the great state of Texas for those hidden resources and small businesses that can be sent out, not just through out Texas but across the United States. Who knows which small Texas business out there will become the next Texaco.